Custom Post Types in Taxonomy Archives

About a dozen versions of this already exist by other authors on, but I decided to throw in the version I cooked up just for some experience working with WordPress plugin development and because I’d already written most of it before I bothered to search.

This one is as exciting as it sounds.  It allows you to choose which content types you want to include in your /tag and /category pages.   One thing that (I think) makes this version unique is that it also allows you to add ‘media’ in addition to all of your custom post types.

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One thought on “Custom Post Types in Taxonomy Archives

  1. Hi,

    I used your plugin, thanks for your work! There is one problem with it, though. You are using “is_tag()” etc, which means that all the wp_queries on the page will get results with all the posts from the different content types.

    Maybe it is better to use the flags that are set in the wp_query object itself, such as $query->is_tag, $query->is_category, so your plugin is workingon a per query basis. I changed it, and now it is working like a charm.

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